What Is The Best Method To Day Trade Cryptocurrency For Beginners? [Bitcoin Era Review]

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BitcoinEra is a trading platform which offer to its users the opportunity to trade in Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptos… but with a big twist.

It runs a complex groundbreaking algorithm that analyzes the fluctuating crypto market data then create profit-making trade signals. These signals offers to users profitable currency pairs, such as BTC/USD, with an impressive 99.4% accuracy. Users of BitcoinEra confirm the simplicity of use of the app and the advertised accuracy of predictions.

How does it works?

Regular trading apps on the market work with several exchanges to give to their users the opportunity to trade in several cryptocurrencies. A few of these will only offer trading in Bitcoins options or provide the market price statistics and then users have to do the job and analyze these. Some others are specialized and provide to their users trading signals, trade analysis, and auto-trade options. BitcoinEra, however, use the price data to processes it, and generates the most profitable trade signals. And in addition, it offers winning strategies as per the risk profile of the users. A winning tool for profits.

The tools offered on BitcoinEra are: manual trading, demo trading, and auto trading. Suitable for beginner, before starting trading with real money and burn it fast, a new users can go for their demo trading tool first to trade in the live market by using virtual money. For the experts, manual trading is here who already know what they are doing. Auto trading is here to set everything automatically, with users being to select the campaigns parameters, and let the software execute the trades by itself. Three very practical options for all type of traders, beginners, amateurs and experts.

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How To Start With BitcoinEra?

Starting with BitcoinEra is not complicated. Just follow these steps and start earning profits with crypto:

  • Step 1: Registration

Visit the official website of the platform and register on it. Fill the sign-up form with your real details. After this, you will be redirected to the members’ area.

  • Step 2: Deposit Money in Trading Account

To open a trading account and start trading, provide your bank details and deposit $250 (the minimum deposit allowed).

  • Step 3: Account Verification

The software will verify the information you have submitted. Then it will encrypt the user’s trading account under a encrypted system.

  • Step 4: Trading Mode and Parameters

Now you’ll be able to choose trading modes according to your preferences and level of experience. If you prefer the software to place trades for you, select the assistance mode. You’ll be able to switch to manual mode when you’ll feel ready to spread your wings and start trading on your own.

You’ll also be able to set parameters as per your need and requirements. Considering that the trading bot will generate potentially profitable trade opportunities for you, it needs to understand your preferences to set the most suitable trades for you.

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  • Step 5: Practice Account

The platform provides a practice account to get you get and handle of things before trading with real money. It gives to users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the platform but also to the trading world of crypto-currency. This is in case you were worried about your capacity. BitcoinEra also offers virtual credits to execute these fake trades for practice. Isn’t it cool?

  • Step 6: Place Trades and Earn Profit

After all of that, you can finally start trading. The platform will generate suitable trading opportunities based on the trading parameters you set. Whenever you switch to the “assistance mode”, the software will execute those orders for you. That way you can win from every one of the executed trades as BitcoinEra has a 99.4% success rate.

  • Step 7: Transfer Your Profits to Your Bank Account

We encourage you to transfer your profits to your savings accounts every day. The withdrawal process is extremely simple and the profits will be deposited into your accounts within 24-36 hours.


There are currently many apps available for trading crypto, but what makes BitcoinEra one of the best option is the fact that it performs the trading deadly accurately. And it also offers all the options needed to help both beginners and experts. That’s the reason why BitcoinEra user base is growing as people are trusting it and recognizing it as one of the major trading platforms.

Join BitcoinEra – Earn Profits With Crypto!

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